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Graco Jet Roller






  • Saves time and Money: Combines rolling and spraying into one easy action
  • In-line Valve: Eliminates dipping the roller in paint and is up to 2x faster than standard rolling
  • Easily Detachable Handle: Use the spray extension or hand roller independently
  • CleanShot Shut-off Valve: Eliminates spits and drips
  • Minimal Prep Time Required: Very low overspray design means less area preparation
  • Flexible: Uses industry standard roller covers and extensions (roller cover not included)


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Part Number Decription
24U170 Jetroller System 23cm - no in-line valve
24U172 Jetroller System 23cm - With in-line valve
24X605 Jetroller System 27cm - With in-line valve
24W128 Jetroller System 46cm - With in-line valve

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