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Pro XPPro XP

Electrostatic Spray Guns that deliver Expert Performance

State-of-the-art technology and consistently better finishes. With excellent finish

quality, aircaps and spray tips that are designed to deliver an even higher quality

finish, the Pro Xp is a real stand out.

Every gun is tested and delivered with a certificate indicating that the spray

pattern, mechanical performance and electrical performance meet Gracos

requirements and your expectations.


Smart Controls

  • Analyze Spray Performance - Bar graphs show kV, current and alternator speed.
  • Adapt to your Voltage Needs - Adjust quickly between low or high kV.
  • Eliminate Guesswork - Diagnostic mode assists troubleshooting.
  • Quick Display Replacement - Remove cartridge quickly and easily when it's time to replace.

Built-in Dependability

  • Stay Running Longer - Durable components mean you'll spend less time 
    fixing and more time spraying.
  • Lower Cost of Ownership - 3-Year Warranty, ease of repair and durable components 
    reduce ownership cost.


Maximize Your Profits

  • Spray More with Less - 40kV Booster gun gives you the transfer efficiency
    of a 60kV gun in a smaller, more compact size.
  • Save Money - Higher transfer efficiency equals less waste - saving you
    money on material.
  • Save on Energy Costs - New aircaps use less air and help lower your energy bill



ProXP Warranty


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