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Supercharge Your Industry! Join us – the preferred partner for clients in automotive, aerospace, packaging, food, oil, and more. Redefining excellence in liquid finishing, adhesives, lubrication, and more. Elevate your operations with our game-changing expertise today!

Product Categories For Industrial, Manufacturing and Processing

Explore our wide range of equipment meticulously crafted for sanitary manufacturing. From personal care items and food & beverage to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices.


Discover our specialized polyurethane foam equipment and products tailored for manufacturing excellence.

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General Fluid Transfer

Explore our diverse equipment selection built to manage an array of industrial fluids including inks, colorants, paints, abrasives, and beyond.

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Liquid Finishing

Experience our array of industrial paint kitchens, spray booths, and precision equipment. Perfect for metal, plastic, and wood applications. Click to explore!

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Protective Coatings

Unveil our extensive equipment lineup designed for applying protective coatings, wear-resistant layers, and fireproofing materials in manufacturing contexts.

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Explore our comprehensive range of composite manufacturing equipment, spanning production, machining, finishing, and assembly processes.


Discover our mortar equipment selection, featuring cutting-edge concrete mixers and pumps, perfectly suited for high-volume precast applications. Take a closer look now!

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Explore our diverse range of equipment tailor-made for transferring and injecting chemicals, serving both manufacturing and oil and natural gas sectors.

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Sealants & Adhesives

Explore our comprehensive range of pumping, metering, and dispensing equipment dedicated to sealants and adhesives.

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